a steady radiance of light

1socialbuzz is GROWING & GLOWING! 

Before I dive in. 

I’m Brittney a Social Media Project manager at the 1Social Buzz hive and as far as blogging goes, I am a long-time reader, first-time writer! We have been making some major changes to our brand over the last month and though it has been a CHALLENGE but it has been HUH-Mazing…. I couldn’t be more excited!




I LIVVVVVE for a good BEFORE & AFTER and this one is metamorphic, in my 100000% biased opinion.

I guess you could say we GLOWED UPPP!



Are you getting lost in your own brand? It can be easy for a well-established brand to start to feel dull after a year or two. Maybe the posts that used to do really well on your pages are starting to be overlooked. It is important to take time to really sit and re-asses your brand!

Does it still 100% represent you and your business’s mission statement, core values, and products?

If the answer is no it could be time to change it up, and NO a complete and total re-brand is not necessary!  A great way to recenter; our Beautify Your Brand kit and walk through it. If you are an established company like we mentioned this is a way to refresh what you already have. If you are a brand new business, Beautify Your Brand will give you the tool to create a brand kit that will encapsulate your business perfectly! Get ready to GLOW!


The best piece of advice I can give you on how to GLOW on your social media is this:

  1. Be authentically you! There is literally NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU! So discover the things that your business does the best and just as important that you LOVE to make! Hone in on it and create content accordingly! Be consistent with it, it will pay off in time
  2. DON’T BE A TREND CHASER! If you are constantly trying to match up with whatever the current colors and pictures are your business will lack originality and can be drowned by everyone else trend-chasing. 



This GLOW comes from the inside out! Take time to take care of yourself and your needs. By doing this you achieve the GLOW but are then free to help other people find their GLOW! It all comes back to the simple principle that you cannot help teach others until you have first taught yourself!

Now that you’ve got the tools… It is your turn to GLOW


XOXO Brittney!

Brittney Johnston, Senior Social Media Project Manager, 1Social Buzz