5 Ways We Salute Entrepreneurs About To Rock

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In the words of ACDC, “For Those About To Rock, We Salute You!” 

When I was a girl back in the day, cough cough….I wanted to be a STAR. I was always singing my little heart out whenever I could….as loudly as I could. My poor parents! Either they had the patience of saints, or learned the amazing skill of totally blanking someone out.

I was fierce & tenacious as I learned to play the clarinet, bass clarinet, trombone, piano, and even took vocal lessons from Mrs. Bates, the only vocal coach in my community. She was a wonderfully classy woman, but a very elderly coach that just so happened to be the only one that I could afford. And sometimes you get exactly what you pay for!!

I loved music. I thought that I was for sure going to make it big, or at least graduate from college with my teaching & music therapy degree, sure to make a musical difference in the lives of others.

It was my dream darn it! I wasn’t going to quit unless I made it B.I.G. Time.

…….Until I saw my competition. It was like they were on some kind of musical steroids. They could out-play, out -sing, out-breathe, & out-EVERYTHING ME!!

There was too much to compete with and I soon became les miserables! How could I possibly make it as a performer, teacher, or therapist if I was one of the worst in my classes?

Fast forward to the here and now! I am just a girl with a little ditty and a ukulele. I love looking back on the memories I have created from my once musical journey. But it is more confirmed to me than ever that we all have a journey that puts us on the exact path we are on today!

I know…get on with it right??? Well here and now, I am a business owner. WHA WHA WHAT? What happened to music & teaching, and therapy? I am not saying give up on your dreams. Please don’t! But never be afraid to find new ones.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else, ”  PT Barnum

Well, I have never been like everyone else that is for sure!! Blessing or curse? I’m not exactly sure. But I  have never been afraid to take my own journey. I might not be “Rockin’ The Free World,” but I am rockin’ the digital world. Social media & building websites are where I “Pump Up The Jam!”

If you are getting ready to “Rock” a new business journey there are 5 Things 1Social Buzz Will Absolutely Salute!

1. The Ability To Stand Out In A Noisy Digital Highway!!

“Turn Down For What?” For nothing! Social media is where small business owners can shine even with little or next to no marketing budget. If you don’t create a BUZZ no one will hear it, find your audience and show up in big ways. You can out beat your competition by having an amazing connection with your audience.

2. Learning That You Need Automation

The best advice I can give anyone starting out today is to AUTOMATE. AUTOMATE. AUTOMATE!!

You want to understand your customer journey and put automated touchpoints in place. You can’t do it all, but you can do some of the heavy lifting as you are getting started. Soon you will have a system that runs so SMOOTH you’ll be driving Greece Lightening!!

Our favorite automation Tool? Keap! It handles emails, e-commerce, invoicing, sales pipelines & more….

3. Story-Telling

Master the heart of your story! Why did you start your business? Where does the root of your passion stem? What pitfalls did you have to endure? What really makes you angry? 

If you can articulate your own journey, the right people will connect. You will build loyal fans that turn into loyal customers.

Remember, sometimes the Littlest Bird Sings The Prettiest Song. Your story Matters!

WARNING! Do not let your storytelling become a fake it ’till you make it scenario. You need to be real because there is nothing that will kill your new business faster than insincerity!!

4. Developing Thick Skin

Being a business owner is not for the faint at heart. I can promise you that! Especially for those just starting out. Partner with a team that is KILLING IT! Not someone that is mediocre! Can I Get An AMEN?

Communication is key and believe me, not everyone is going to understand your leap of faith into this. Not every client is going to be happy with the quality of work you deliver. “You can be the ripest, roundest, sweetest peach on the tree, and there will always be someone who hates peaches.” It is your job to help them find value in what you deliver, even if it is a peach! Work from that point to deliver an apple. (Wink Wink)

5. Being Consistent With Consistency

If there is anything we can all appreciate is someone that shows up.

Show up for your appointments. Show up & Support your audience members all over social media.

Show up in your business and ensure that you do what you say you will do! Even if it takes you longer than you originally thought.

Your reputation is on the line! I assure you, everyone notices when you DECIDE TO NOT SHOW UP!!

Being a business owner is CRAZY REWARDING. But it is also really tough. Make sure you stand out, set up automation,  & tell your story. If you can’t do these things on your own. Find someone that can do it for you. (Shameless Plug Coming…..) Someone like 1Social Buzz. Pick Me Pick Me……..

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