It Is Time To

Be More Bee…

To Get Buzzy & Busy

 To Pollinate Positivity

 To Fly Above The Mire

To Just Bee You

Did you know that a honey bee in flight creates a static flow of electricity that attracts pollen and enables it to stick to her hairy body? (Yep…bees forego shaving!!! Kinda gross huh?) But when a bee pumps up her power, she can carry a maximum load, and pollinates each flower she stops at. As she does this, she only keeps the Best Pockets Of Pollen. During this process is where she gets her BUZZ ON!!

SHE PUMPS UP HER POWER & Keeps Her Best Pockets Of Pollen!

Here at the Hive, the very gathering place of 1Social Buzz, we understand that it is essential to be the head of the swarm. That in order to become Buzz-Worthy, we have to produce inspired content for our viewers. #Truth

PSSSTTT…wanna know a secret? Bees get the BEST RESULTS! Why? Because they know how to intuitively motivate & inspire their hive members. They have a special language they use or a dance as we call it, that communicates to the hive where to go to get the best flowers.

If we look at your business like a BEE and Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Alignable, Google Business, Tiktok, Snapsnapchat, etc. as the fields and flowers that you need to create your buzz on, you will need a plan. Otherwise how on earth will you continue to carry all of the pollen.

You won’t be able to continue to pump your power forever if you continue to fly over fields that don’t have pollen-worthy flowers.

Bees have it down to a science you know. No really!!! Bees have teamwork sussed!! Their little bee instincts are fine-tuned, meaning they know what to do and when to do it. Get their Buzz On I Mean!!!

A lot of business owners are great at pumping up their BEE POWER….but don’t know how to hold on to their pockets of pollen, or for the sake of this corny analogy, biggest online fans. Raving fans that gobble up your content and love it so much they want to purchase your products and services.

So now we are here, it is the time to Be More Bee! Time to create content that generates the right pockets of pollen for you to grow your hive (ahem….I assume I don’t need to say it, but when I say hive, I mean your business) and you need a solid content plan to help you get there.

I want you to know that bees have a cadence to their dance, and you need a cadence of your own as you pollinate your social media channels. Your cadence won’t be the same as mine mostly because hives often focus on one type of flower at a time, and so will your business.

So as you start to communicate your hive’s message on social media I want you to remember these tips.

1. Be The First Bee To Be In The Buzz–Make Sure You Are Listening For Current/Opportunistic content – What’s going on right now in your industry?

What’s the latest water fountain gossip?

“Unlike waiting for your morning newspaper to arrive to recount yesterday’s news, posting content through social media defies this time-space reality! Posting up-to-the-minute content on the latest industry buzz will get you recognized as a reliable information source and one that your fans will have the impulse to tune into. Stay on the edge of your seat and listen to what current news, events, or stories are getting people riled up, and in turn, ask yourself how it can be related to or how it may affect your brand.” Andrew Abrams

2. Lean Into Your Queen Bee Power–A Social Diva Knows How To Keep Her Followers Engaged – Let Them Talk About Themselves

Let’s face it – People love to talk about themselves! A Queen Bee knows the power of asking simple questions. Your raving audience is asked to answer a personal question or share a personal story yields a high volume of user responses. When speaking as a brand, it is important to speak using first person plural (We, Our) as a more personal way of speaking with fans and encouraging person-to-person as opposed to brand-to-person interaction.

3. Interview Your Community & Show How Your Little B’s Are Out There Being Glow-Getters!!

People don’t want to see your perfect home or your prettiest hair. They will spend time hating you! No one wants a BUZZ-KILL! But your public is calling and they said hey…let’s have a real convo about something businessy, or how your company is out there living your cause….or that you actually do own a t-shirt and pair of jeans. (Just saying) No one can be a bigger Bee than you! It is always important to show the TRUE you….when you try to hard they spot it. Have you ever seen a hive attack……YIKES…that looks like it hurts.

One thing we know here at the hive is that you MUST BE INTERESTED To Become Interesting! Show your readers that you care by paying attention and BEE-ING GENUINELY INTERESTED in what they have to say. Attentive Beesnisses always find the best flowers, foraging ever lasing relationships!!

Until next time…Be More Bee!

xo~Kristy—People Herder-Ultimate Ukulele Fumbler & Keeper of the Hive

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