Successful business owners were at one point (way back in the beginning) bootstrapping their business. They (and owners just like you) are good at it.

Podcasting? They’re on it.

Blogging? They get it done.

Social media? It’s not just a distraction (most of the time, anyway).

If there’s marketing to be done in any form, solo business owners are well aware and are doing their best to get the word out. But there comes a point of diminishing returns.

Your website has all the traffic you feel you’re going to attract through organic (and even paid) methods. Your mailing list growth has slowed to a crawl. Your income has leveled off.

It might be time to bring in a pro to help you get some much needed local and national media (BUZZ) attention for your brand. But before you do, be sure you have a good foundation in place, or all your time (and money) will be wasted.

Solid, Consistent Branding

This goes a lot deeper than just your logo, colors and fonts. This is your message, your ideal client, your unique area of expertise, and even how you speak about it. It’s everything that makes you instantly recognizable to your fans, and it’s what helps media outlets know you’re exactly the person they need, right when they need you.

While you’re updating your branding, be sure to include your:

  • Website & blog
  • Facebook profile, business page, and groups
  • Training & coaching programs and websites
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Pinterest boards
  • YouTube channel
  • Podcast artwork and message

Media-Ready Swipe Files and Photos

Imagine for a minute that CNN called you to ask your opinion about an important news happening. How quickly could you respond with a bio and headshot? If it would take you more than 5 minutes, you’re not ready.

A key component of every social media campaign is having an accessible, easy-to-find media page from which you can instantly pull the information any journalist or producer needs. Unless you have this page in place, you’re not yet ready to hire a PR specialist.

A Crystal-Clear Message & Ideal Client

While it might seem more marketable to have a wide area of expertise and varied clientele, the opposite is actually true. Experts are tightly focused. As one content marketing strategist puts it, they delve “an inch wide and a mile deep.” By focusing your efforts, you are able to dig deeper than simple surface issues, and serve your clients better.

The same is true of your ideal client. When you try to help working moms, new dads, college students and empty nesters, you wind up serving none of them very well. Instead, you should have a very specific client you strive to attract, and venture outside of that mold only rarely.

Once you have these 3 pieces in place, you’ll have a solid foundation that will support you in your media outreach efforts. More importantly, you’ll be able to make the most of every sales and marketing team can bring your way.


An Expert To Walk You Through The Process & Get You Started Without Having To Feel The “BURN” and “STING” of figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

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Do we have all the answers? YES! YES WE DO! 

Actually, marketing is not that simple. 

Rules and audience consumption is always evolving. At 1Social Buzz we teach you how to show up, where to show up, and most importantly how to build your BRAND BUZZ so you can generate loyal viewers that continue to consume and purchase from Y.O.U.


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