Keep Your Business Visible During Social Distancing

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Visibility

“You need to believe in yourself and what you do. Be tenacious and genuine.” Christian Louboutin

<Fake it till’ you make it / always have a plan b / never eat carbs>
Yeah, Let’s file those statements under “Things I no longer believe”
Because in the last 12 months of TRYING TO GROW MY BUSINESS and gain ONLINE VISIBILITY, I’ve realized that most business owners lack marketing consistency, don’t have a marketing plan, or try to pivot the minute something stops working.

Let’s face it… marketing is H.A.R.D. in this online digital world. Facebook changes algorithm as much as my daughter changes her princess dresses. Instagram can’t decide if they are going to give you like buttons and will lock you down if you try to buy followers, LinkedIn won’t let you send multiple messages easily and if you do it will label you as a spammer……….with all of these rules to fight, AND NOW WITH COVID-19 a marketing plan is more critical then EVER.

Am I being a bit dramatic? I don’t think I am! Let’s talk about this for a bit!

With millions of people working and learning from home during the pandemic, internet providers are set to be strained to the MAX. We have some people that have just discovered ZOOM and I think this Covid-19 has created some ZOOM-A-Holics.

Hey you……you still paying attention? (I hope so!) I want to tell you to keep going. Don’t shut down. Make your business visible.

Here’s How:

Facebook Checklist For Lockdown Marketing
1. If you don’t have a business page….CREATE ONE. (Don’t know how, Call Me!) Have a Facebook Page but no visitors or viewers….get some. Start by inviting EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU KNOW, Their friends, Their Friends, Friends. Get the picture. Then start a PROMOTE YOUR PAGE AD. No one wants to do business with someone that has 100 Followers. Think BIG!! (Don’t know how to set up an ad….Call Me! I will show you how for free & without a Slimey Sales Pitch!)

2. Start building relationships. People that like your page want to be liked back. Show some interest! I promise they will get curious if you casually like their posts, pics and comments. But let’s keep it genuine. Don’t overdo it or seem needy, that is a huge Turn-Off. Build Authority. Share you blog posts, videos, quotes that show you are actually ACCREDITED at what you do. Be careful not to be a know it all, but share valuable information that will help your viewers solve a pain point.

3. SHOW UP ON SOCIAL! I say that all of the time, but people connect with people, not products and articles. Make sense?

4. Now LinkedIn is a different beast. You need to inform, share content from your connections, give them recommendations. If you are going to message them….do not pitch in your first, second. or third message. Build relationships and make it all about them. Oh yeah….AND MEAN IT! Be vulnerable & be real!

5. If you are talking Instagram it is all about the HASH……Tag that is! Don’t spend your time using #’s that no one is following!  Your business won’t be searchable. Instagram is totally VISUAL. Posting real posts. Show Your Face! Don’t be a salesperson! Organic connections are key on Instagram and you need to CLEARLY COMMUNICATE WHAT YOU DO. If you are a bean farmer, you need to tell people. Stop posting your teddy bears and vans. Show people your product. That is what they want! Last thing…I promise. You need to make sure your profile Ignites Interest. Make sure you have it set up properly!

(Visibility Visibility Visibility)

Now that you’ve said it three times, click your shiny red slippers together. This total world lock-down will make or break your business. You can’t afford to be on the latter end, I know I can’t!

Until next time I want to invite you to connect with me. I am going to refrain from putting a call to action in the form of a button. Those of you that connect with this post and want more….I meant it when I said I could help you gain visibility. Reach out.

Until my next post…..Stay Safe!! Kristy

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