Showing Up On Social Media: 3 Powerful Changes You’ll Want To Make This Fall

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Social Media Marketing

For me, one of the best times of the year is early spring, when plants and animals shake off the cold winter and bring back life to our environment. What a great metaphor for all of us.

But I’m also fond of the fall, when the leaves are changing. When all life is prepared to tuck in and wait out the long winter months. For me, seeing the leaves change colors motivates me to make some changes in my own life. I become TWITTER-PATED…(yes I know that is usually a SPRING thing…but not for me.)

As a Social Media Strategist, one of the changes I’d like to see more small business owners make is to start being MORE SOCIAL.

If you own a business and you are not showing your face in posts, on pages, or in vidoes, you are not bonding with your VIEWERS! Bonding creates KNOW. LIKE. & TRUST. Sales won”t happen because you are not creating a loyal fan base that wants to purchase your SHINY OFFERS.

What I know, is that I work with a lot of business owners that FEAR putting themselves out there. #TRUTH!! They are scared of not being thin enough, looking smart enough, and not being able to show that they are having as much success as their competition.

That’s why I’ve put together a few simple steps for helping you SHOW UP ON SOCIAL.

Step 1 Selfies Are A Make It, Not Break It For Your Business…USE MORE SELFIES!!

Selfies have been the norm for a long time. As a business owner, if you haven’t taken a ride on that bus you are probably missing out. On clients and sales that is…..

Selfies are powerful for touching the hearts of customers because they remove any hierarchy barriers or aloofness attached. They show your viewers that you are real and enable emotional connections. Emotion equals BUYING POWER!!

Businesses that are aware of the vast benefits of combining this unique method in their social media marketing have been ahead of the game. Look at Gary Vaynerchuck:

He uses the many creative ways of integrating selfies in your marketing campaigns like a rock star….and you can too. 

Gary, you know, I can call him that because we are totally besties…because I am a total Facebook Stalker, has not only penetrated the Facebook World Of Influencer at over 3.2 Million Fans, has also taken the LinkedIn world on with all of his leadership quotes and advice.

Step 2 Stop Using Generic Videos..Put Your Face In That Space

When you Access Facebook live or drop a video in your newsfeed, you get to tap into to the world’s largest online audiences through a platform they already use every day. Facebook literally hands viewer opportunity to you.

If you are a stats kind of gal like me, I need to back up how effective using video in my marketing strategy actually is. Think of it this way, video converts at a 300% higher rate than images and text alone.

When it comes to using Video your engagement will be higher every single time you do a LIVE then most other content on your page. #FACT

A SOCIAL MEDIA & Daytime TV Talk Show Star, Ellen DeGeneres is the queen of Facebook Video. Every post she uses is a video and I trolled her feed to see the number of views her posts were getting. Every single post had THOUSANDS and sometimes MILLIONS of views. She is proof that using video on Social Media will evoke emotion and create viewer loyalty that will keep her TRENDING.

Step 3 Post Something That Matters To Your Viewers & Stop The Snore-Fest

If you are not getting engagement on your content it might be that it just doesn’t resonate with your audience. I know Facebook Algorithym plays a part in audience reach, but if you are posting and your most loyal usuals stop showing you the love…..there’s a problem. And it is probably content related.

Have you met Stephanie Fleming with Ready To Go Copy?

She is the ultimate rock star when it comes to writing copy that converts, but we recently had a down-right DEBATE….DO YOU REALLY NEED TO POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA to get people to purchase your products and services??? The conversation got a little heated, but the ultimate answer is yes, and it needs to be excited to boot! If you are not using content that breaks through the DIGITAL noise your marketing won’t stand out, and your sales will prove it.

Take A Listen Here…it won’t disappoint:

Look, change is hard. If it were easy, everyone would SHOW UP ON SOCIAL. But most of us never reach those goals. Because it takes work!

There’s a reason leaves fall off the trees in the autumn and animals prep for the winter. It’s so they can emerge every spring new, refreshed, and ready to bloom. They put in the work now so they can enjoy the results later.

If you need help making changes in your social media, then contact us at

It’s your season for change. And we can’t wait to help you!

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