There’s A Deadline On Your Dreams Small Business Owners!!

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“Goals are dreams with deadlines!” Napolean Hill

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.” Unknown

You get the gist!! I could go on and on with some motivational mumbo-jumbo, but for a moment I will refrain! Instead I am going tell you about a goal without a DREAM!

Let me paint the story….

A couple of years ago someone that I love very deeply asked me, “What is your dream Kristy?” I immediately thought, “what do you mean what is my dream. Am I living my dream? I don’t really know. Maybe I don’t have one, or maybe you should shut the front door and leave me alone! ”

What the heck? WHAT DID THAT EVEN MEAN? Am I living my dream. And why was this having such a CRAZY IMPACT on me?

I carried that question with me for a few months wondering if I NEEDED to have some kind of BIG DREAM…some kind of goal I needed to knock off my bucket list in order to be complete or accomplished person. 

Then I got angry! Angry at someone that was supposed to love me for asking me such a STUPID question. “Am I Living My Dream?” SHUT UP!!!!

The problem was…..I knew a long time before he had asked the devil question….that I wasn’t really living my dream. I was working for someone else, in a job where I was underpaid, for clients that were unmotivated and satisfied only working on part of their marketing strategy, never really getting anywhere.

I knew that the ship I was navigating only had two destinations, out to sea, and back to port!


I was stuck in an episode of Groundhog Day.

Day in and day out everything looked the same!!!!

Now, you might be asking the same thing I started to ask. Why on earth was I choosing to live in this self-induced world of pain like Bill Murray, before he realizes that HE has the AUTONOMY to change his own future? 

It was because I was afraid to DREAM. I had gotten comfortable letting someone else run the show. But why? Because the big bad world was too scary? Because owning my own business might mean I would be responsible for my own mistakes and failures! You bet your LEMON VERBINA that was why! I was living in FEAR!

If you are stay in WAITING your dreams will NEVER become actionable goals! In this case YOU & YOUR business are behaving just like Mr. Murray. No change equals no action. Taking zero action will keep you spinning that hamster wheel until you are EXHAUSTED and OVERWHELMED. Take it from me, that is an awful place to be!

 Never Give Up! You can turn your dreams into goals and achieve them!

1. Be Open Minded

Look at what is holding you back? Open your eyes to the fear you are experiencing. When we live in fear, we become paralyzed in our business, in our life, & in our relationships.

Before you can do anything you need a SHIFT! You need to become OPEN to NEW POSSIBILITIES. This doesn’t mean you won’t find adversity along the way, but it means that you will face your challenges on the path to your dreams with gratitude instead of resentment. As you stretch your baby muscles you will be able to quickly recognize that it 



YEP! YOU GOT IT! You’ve heard me. Fail. Every single success story started with failures and misfortunes.

It is a magical rule you have to consider before starting your way.

If every $UCCESSFUL and joyful person stopped encountering their first wall, we wouldn’t have tires, trips to space, karaoke or chewing gum! 

Our failures halp us define our method and apply new rules. We assess what didn’t work well and optimize what does. Not to mention that each step we take we grow closer to reaching our dreams. 

It is your life, and you have one. As Yoda once said, “There is Do or do not. There is no try.” What a profound and simple lesson in commitment and the power in giving something our all — not just giving it a try.

3. #GetInspired

To keep your dream bright & tangible, you need to look for inspiration!!

There are tons of successful people around you. Do not avoid them thinking they are too smart and prosperous to communicate with you. Try to become friends with them. Lean in on their expertise and share in their journey. They might have an AMAZING piece of advice that might help you achieve your goals faster and easier. 

Recognize your DREAM, put it into fearless motion and achieve the BIG LIFE you were always meant to have! You can do this!!!

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Until we meet again…without the bees there wouldn’t be honey, and without the BUZZ you won’t have money.—Kristy

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