These Things Are Saving My Life & Business Right Now

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Blogging, Business Owners, Buzz Worthy Content, Visibility

I’m Fine. You’re Fine. We’re All Fine— What Things Are Saving My Life & Business Right Now?


I am about to get real up in this house and I hope that is okay! Today was spent in utter panic mode with anxiety at the top of the list. I’m not proud of it. Between the crazy family schedule, my wonderful church calling, and unprotected passwords to accounts that were hacked, I ended up calling my business partner and pulling her into my CHAOS. By the time the day was done I was spent, and so was she!! (But she remained supportive and continued to buoy me up as I took her on a ride to CRAZY-TOWN!!)

I’m sure you can relate, at least I hope you can. The constant rule-changing digital marketing field is hard, living in a covid world is harder, and being a mother of 5 ta’ boot. It feels like everyone could use a break or at least maybe a life line. So here is a simple list of the little and not so little things saving my life right now.

The I Am App On iTunes: Whenever a client questions my work I immediately take it personally. It is not just business for me, it is my word and my promise. I downloaded this app about a week ago and I get daily affirmations. I am enough. I am a FANTASTIC MOTHER. I am right where I need to be in my journey. The last one it sent was “I am strong & powerful.” This is my go to when I need to remember gratitude in my life! If we practice gratitude instead of attitude, we will gain understanding of what “REALLY MATTERS!”

Ditch the Act: Reveal the Surprising Power of the Real You for Greater Success by Leonard Kim and Ryan Foland: What an eye-opener! Relationship building by revealing stories of failures, setbacks, and personal flaws. What I love is that they reveal that it is BEST TO BE THE REAL YOU IN YOUR BUSINESS without shame or fear. That you exhibit greater self-confidence than your competition when you cultivate connections with serious, smart people, and you build loyalty that lasts. MIND BLOWN/NOT BLOWN!!

Diet Pepsi & Monster: shhhhh! I know these are horrible. And if you are under 18 I do not recommend you drinking this crap. But for all of those “momma said there’ll be days like this” moments when a little pep in your step is needed…this is my ultimate GO-TO! You’ve got this Glow-Getters, and if you find yourself in moments when you don’t…….Monster it up! 😛

Dance Moves/Karate Chops & Karaoke: Yep! In our office over at the Lillypad (literally what it is called) things can get a little frantic, as with most marketing agencies. You know…constant deadlines, new client onboarding, & needing to constantly muster up some creativity…WOW! We need to blow off some steam. Probably just after 1:00pm if you are passing by you will see myself or Kristina busting out in a song, coming in from a potty break in full Karate-Chop mode, and wait for it, we go a little GLEE and pull out some amateur dance moves. But it is what breaks up the day and blows off a little steam. I mean if you can’t laugh…why live!!??

Sweedish Fish: My total go-to sweet treat. Just a small handful. I don’t bring these home with me or eat them in the car. They are for when we get a new sale or complete a project with a 5 Star Review. MY SWEET TREAT! Celebrate good times! C’mon!

My real message is this! Remember everyday is fresh, with no mistakes in it and the sun will rise and fall whether I meet another deadline, generate another blog post, get my kids lunch packed perfectly with everything they eat or not.

Share your life savers here  @1socialbuzzllc with our #queenbees. Give us the ones that make it a little easier to open those eyes and start the day.


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