What To Do When You Are Afraid Of Marketing Your Business

by | Oct 12, 2019 | Blogging

Dear Small Business Owners & Entrepreuneurs…

It’s time we stop letting FEAR OF MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS control your lives! Remember, you didn’t get into this so that you could CONSTANTLY MARKET your business. The reason you started in the first place is because you wanted to make a difference in the lives of your customers.

Now, we do understand. BIG CORPORATE BRANDS have a huge team and budget that enables them to constantly create digital conent. (It is so hard to compete with that right?)

Guess what, friend? The situation doesn’t get better if we ignore it. You absolutely need to IGNITE your brand on social media and find a way to stand out from your competitors so that you can create an online fanbase that will purchase your product or service.

It’s time to face the situation head on.

I know that’s a lot easier to say than to actually do. So today, I want to share 3 Tricks (Pun intended to honor our favorite Halloween Season) to help you GENERATE NEW LEADS & Increase Your Online Visibility.

Let’s start with…

Trick #1: Curate & Share Content

You don’t have to create original content for every share. You can still be perceived as a hub of useful information by finding and sharing content written by others.

Enhance it with your UNIQUE POINT OF VIEW. This is a valuable service to your followers. Directing people to quality NUGGETS of content using social media posts, email tip sharing, blogs & newsletters will keep you visible while strengthening your expert reputation.

PRO-BUZZ MARKETING TIP: Put your content creation time on your schedule. Then, use a post scheduling software like Co-Schedule or SocialPlanner (both affordable) to organize your posts, blog posts & digital campaigns.

“Cash is oxygen. You can make the greatest cup of coffee, the greatest sneaker, the greatest TV show, or the greatest work of art ever, but if you can’t sell your product you are out of business.”  Gary Vaynerchuck

Ready for the next trick? Then let’s move on to…

Trick #2: Use Your Blog

I know…why am I adding something ELSE to your enormously BUSY days….

Well mostly because blogging is here to stay. It isn’t going anywhere. It is literally the MOST ESSENTIAL MARKETING TOOL your business can have. It is the HIVE of your business.

….you get it!!

Here’s a list of some of those things blogging can help with:

  1. Business Owners this is an amazing way for you to connect with your customers. Forget social media, networking events, & webinars. Blogging is personal. If you are looking for some down-to-earth ways to connect, inform and keep your customers in-the-know about not only your latest product offerings but a way for you to show your company’s personality off as well.
  2. Finding new clients. In the same vein, don’t discount the amazing ways you can IGNIGHT your blog by using it on social media channels. If you do it right, you could be on to something. Many businesses chalk up a large percentage of their revenue from blogging and blogging-related activities, and you can have a piece of that candy too! (tricky right?)
  3. It’s creation. Period. You’re creating stuff. Stuff can be bought, sold, added to, repurposed. Most importantly this stuff is a form of asset–an asset you own and control.
  4. Blogs are a great way to measure success. Blogging can track it. Search through your year-old archives or do a specific series–either way, your words won’t lie (maybe they will, perhaps if you lied when you wrote them…). Blog the results of your business’ advertising and marketing campaigns and include revenue. Numbers always attract new readers.
  5. Why Re-invent The Wheel.  If you’re a business owner without a blog, you’re already behind. If you’re an individual with something to say, START SAYNG IT. As mentioned above, the BLOG is the HIVE of your BUSI-NEST. It is where all of the BUZZ begins.

TRICK #3: Generate BUZZ & Get Customer Reviews

Did you know 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business?

The Impact of Reviews Reviews not only have the power to influence consumer decisions but can strengthen a company’s credibility. 

Reviews are the hub of the HIVE. They have the power to gain customer trust, and they encourage people to interact with the company. Customer interaction ultimately leads to improved profits for businesses.

As you already guessed, this is important because without reviews you have ZERO credibility factor & zero buzz about your amazing product or service.

Dealing with any kind of MARKETING is never easy. It’s going to take some time and practice. But avoidance isn’t the answer. If you want to start with the marketing essentials you need to ignite your online presence and generate new leads and sales, then you need to follow these TRICKS.

Look…everyone needs a HIVE. A total community of people that are driven to get REAL results in their business. We want you. We have an amazing group of small business owners and entrepruenurs in our private group……


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